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Al Wathba Marionnet LLC" is a leading plant bio-technology company established in Abu Dhabi in 1997, as part of the U.A.E. Offsets program between France and the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the world's most important producers of Date Palms plants through In Vitro Tissue Culture technology. Al Wathba Marionnet has a laboratory in Abu Dhabi where it propagates high quality varieties of date palm vitroplants in mass quantities like Medjool, Barhi, Khalas, Um Ed Dahan, Abu Maan, Sheishi, Saggai Fard, Ghannami (male), etc…. Additionally, Al Wathba Marionnet looks into the rare date palm varieties of superior quality and propagates as selection such as Nawader, Ayyasha, Ghanda, Mumtaza, Marwani etc . On the other hand, Al Wathba Marionnet strongly dedicates itself to achieve the highest standards of quality date palm in vitro-plants. This translates in its strict and accurate production protocols and procedures, which are constantly kept updated with the latest innovations of Somatic Embryogenesis Tissue Culture technology. As part of its commitment in ensuring the genetic consistency and true-to-type state of its trees, Al Wathba Marionnet attaches a great importance to monitor their genetic stability all along the in-vitro process through carrying out genetic fingerprinting tests. These tests are independently and regularly carried out on random samples of vitroplants at several growth stages by the G.E.V.E.S, which is a department of the French Ministry of Agriculture specialized in genetic identification and monitoring. Nowadays, millions of Al Wathba Marionnet date palm trees are producing tons of high quality dates all over the date growing countries around the world.

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© 2015 by Al Wathba Marionnet.

© 2015 by Al Wathba Marionnet.


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